Happiness In The Presence Of Sadness (10 Years Of The Kiss)


In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, The Kiss That Took A Trip releases a mini-album that mixes 3 covers and 3 original tunes.

The covers include “Godstar” (Psychic TV), “Revival” (Orgy) and “Rent” (Pet Shop Boys).

In its new incarnation, “Godstar” sounds less twisted and morbid, opting for a warmer and more rhythmic route. “Revival” has all its metal feel eradicated in favor of an electronic/ambient approach, and “Rent” features delicate acoustic guitar and dramatic distortion.

The two opening tracks (“Home” and “Delirious romance”) find The Kiss keeping the consistency of the release with traditionally structured songs (with vocals) that forget about any complex pretenses and just let themselves go, in maybe the most carefree moment of The Kiss ever, as a birthday gift to the audience.

To balance things and to remind the listener of the very essence of The Kiss That Took A Trip, closer “I’m Moses and you’re the waters” wraps things up epically and in a very different (but recognizable) way and clocking at almost 16 minutes, instantly becoming the longest tune ever by The Kiss. Chamber rock that flows smoothly and travels through different sections full of melancholic musical motifs that embody what this musical project has been about for the past 10 years.

“Happiness In The Presence Of Sadness (10 Years Of The Kiss)” is a digital-only release, but you can purchase physical promo CDs with a reduced tracklist (that is, without the covers).

NOTE: In order to comply with Aurovine's terms of use, "Godstar", "Revival" and "Rent" are not featured on this site.





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Happiness In The Presence Of Sadness (10 Years Of The Kiss)
Happiness In The Presence Of Sadness (10 Years Of The Kiss)
  • Home
  • Delirious romance
  • I'm Moses and you're the waters


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